World class state of the art distribution centers, warehouses and manufacturers look at customized pallets as capital expenditures. This type of equipment is business depreciable and vital to their business model.
Custom Equipment Company develops plastic pallets, designs and tooling for corporations in a variety of industries.  Our sales team and engineers work with our customers to determine the feasibility of the project and assist with Return On Investment analysis (ROI).

Based on detailed analysis, our engineers develop a proposed pallet design.  The designs are presented as 3-D diagrams to help our customers better visualize their ideas and how the finished product will look.  If the concept is approved we move forward with a prototype to make sure the pallet meets all of the requirements.  The prototype is put through real world rigorous testing to simulate worst case scenarios that the pallet will have to withstand. Our experience and knowledge in this process ensures a return on investment that is vital to your business.  If your company is in need of a custom pallet solution, contact us at Custom Equipment Company.




1FinalPIF-BeckyComments-V2 (1)

Before – Original Pallet

1FinalPIF-BeckyComments-V2 (1)

3-D Design Concept


Examples of Custom Pallets:

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    Interflow Pallet Bottom

    Interflow pallet – Twin sheet vacuum thermoformed plastic designed for the Silo-Sack and Resin Pack. It has 4 way forklift access and a center opening for easy flow access from the Silo Sack. Designed to be stackable and nestable for compact return shipping.

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    distribution thermoformed Pallet

    Distribution Pallet: custom thermoformed plastic pallet is reinforced with a steel frame. This design allows for the pallet to provide a measure of plastic flexibility while incorporating the strength of steel to provide the rigidity needed for edge racking (Eliminates the need for wire decking). CEC is able assist with …

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    plastic spool pallet

    Heavy Gauge Thermoformed plastic pallet reinforced with aluminum flat bar and built in spool tie downs.  This custom pallet replaced expensive custom made wood pallets that were used as one-way use.  These pallets were made nestable to provide compact return shipments, take up less warehouse space and provide for overall easier handling …

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    Axle Pack On Forklift

    Axle Pack- This Custom Packaging solution combines a top and bottom to form its own pallet otherwise known as clamshell. Heavy gauge vacuum thermoformed plastic allows for transport of 4 axles to the plant that manufactures the final automotive product.

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    Adjustable Coil Pallet

    Adjustable Coil Pallet- Injection Foam Molded Plastic base with rotational molded chalks and steel tracks to create an adjustable lock down with optional collapsible cover. This solution created a pallet that went from one way shipping to a returnable unit, which offered protection and eliminated wood and nail fragments from …

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    Plastic Extruded Pallets

    These Plastic Pallets are made from 100% recycled rigid PVC plastic and are recyclable. Available in 2-way or 4-way entry and offer a non-slip or smooth surface. Custom built pallets are the ideal for work in progress or small fleet of returnables. Made to your specifications, they meet all requirements …

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    CEC Custom Aluminum

    When product contamination, fire suppression or disposal costs become an issue for your company, a steel or aluminum pallet can be a great alternative to wood or plastic. Their greater strength, fire resistance and ability to be cleaned and reused almost indefinitely make them ideal for supply chain loops. Steel-the …