In today’s working environments, it is important to have an ergonomic chair suitable for the application to avoid fatigue and chronic health problems. Whether you are sitting all day long, working on a production line or in laboratory you need to have a chair that is custom tailored to the individual and/or requirement

Allow us to work with you and your team to select a chair that will allow for higher productivity and help prevent health problems commonly associated with sitting for long periods of time. The chair is where you may live most of your days at work – having a good chair is an investment in productivity. A chair combined with other ergonomic products like anti-fatigue mats, work benches are a start to a better work environment

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    Dedicated to your ergonomic comfort—from head to toe. These free-standing footrests are the perfect complement to any of our seating options.

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    Comfortable, generously cushioned seat and a full 360° swivel as well as mobility options. Upholstery options include fabric, uretahne and vinyl. Choose between manual or pneumatic height adjustment, with or without back.

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    Durable Seats and backs that stand up to the rigors of industrial use are what these types of seats are intended for. Self-skinned urethane seats and backrests are padded and feature ventilation ribs. “Soft Touch” pneumatic mechanism allows easy adjustment of the seat height. Different surface materials are available based on …