In order to facilitate material handling, loading docks may be equipped with the following dock equipment:

  • Bumpers – protect the dock from truck damage, may also be used as a guide by the truck driver when backing up.
  • Dock leveler – a height-adjustable platform used as a bridge between dock and truck, can be operated via mechanical (spring), hydraulic, or air powered systems.
  • Dock lift – serves the same function as a leveler but operates similarly to a scissor lift to allow for greater height adjustments.
  • Dock seals – compressible foam blocks against which the truck presses when parked; seals are used at exterior truck bays in colder climates where this will provide protection from the weather.
  • Truck or vehicle restraint system (dock lock) – a strong metal hook mounted to the base of the dock which will hook to the frame or bumper of a trailer and prevents it from rolling away during loading operations, can be operated via manual, hydraulic, or electrical systems; this system can replace or work in conjunction with wheel chocks.

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    Hydraulic Top of Dock Levelers “HTD”
    Perfect for retrofit situations where working range requirements exceed those provided by the Edge-of-Dock, yet there is no existing pit.

    20,000 to 25,000 lb. capacities
    Working range of 10″ above and 4″ below dock
    2 year standard warranty (1 year on hydraulics)
    55,000 lb. Minimum …

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    Dock Seals

    Weather tight enclosure for maximum energy savings
    100% lock-stitched seams-double stitched on wear shingle models
    Assorted colors
    4″ full length yellow guide strap standard
    Head curtain models available with or without foam
    Counterbalanced adjustable head pad available
    Metal hoods
    All models use highest grade materials available
    Fabric weight …

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    Laminated Bumpers

    Absorb 80% or more of impact force
    Pressure laminated between heavy structural steel angles
    Sizes and thickness to fit all needs
    Attaches easily to any surface
    Models to meet government and postal requirements
    Constructed of tread portion of belted ply tires only
    Full length 3/4″ steel rods welded to …

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    EVR 750 Dock Restraint

    ForceFlex hook designs offer superior holding strength yet will allow the truck to depart with the release button is pressed.
    ForceFlex hook only releases when the dock attendant presses the release button.
    12” to 30” operating range
    Restraining force of over 37,000 lbs.
    Fully enclosed, .25hp motor, 1 …