Mezzanines, work platforms and Catwalks are structures built in most cases within an existing facility to maximize floor space and allow for better use of a facility’s vertical space. These are accessed via stairs, integrated personnel or load lifts or a combination of both. A mezzanine’s construction depends on the amount of load, the clear distance it is required to span and application.

Modular  mezzanines are typically standardized and pre-fabricated, these structures come in pre-packaged, off-the-shelf sizes for quick delivery and installation, but have lighter load carrying capacities and less customization.

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    Aerospace Manufacturing

    Constructed into a manufacturing floor space so that valuable vertical space can be utilized. This commonly occurs in production areas to where operators are required to access points at higher work levels on a regular basis or feed products to production operations at finished floor level. They are also commonly …

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    Integrated Mezzanine

    Constructed as an integral part of a building’s structure, this type of mezzanine can incorporate wider span distances between support columns while still maintaining a high load carrying capacity. It can also be used with multi-tier high density shelving or as a second floor for a modular office.

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    Mezzanine Free Standing

    A standalone structure that incorporates wide column spacing and high load carrying capacity