Most think of labels, bags, liners, tags, films or protective components. These are required in all types of shipping to both identify (ID) and protect parts. These can be stock off the shelf items, but there are many applications where customized solutions are needed. Look not further – we specialize in these types of accessories.

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    Asset Identification and Tracking
    Keeping track of your organization’s physical assets is easier than ever before. Since we specialize in asset labels and tags, our labels are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, plus each label is created to meet your specifications.

    Asset labels and tags work well for …

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    VCI Paper

    Bags and films can replace conventional rust preventatives such as oils and desiccants. Parts protected with VpCI-126 HP UV are ready to use with no additional cleaning and/or degreasing necessary, saving you time and money. VpCI-126 HP UV Shrink Film is also transparent, making it easy to identify parts without …

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    Container Placards

    Never Scrape Label Residue Again!  Placards act as a permanent label holding surface, where one-time use labels can be quickly applied and removed with no sticky residue or messy overlapping. This product provides an efficient way to accurately identify and manage a variety of returnable/reusable assets, including containers, pallets and racks. Cardholders …

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    Plastic Caps

    This tapered style can either be used as a cap or plug, depending on application. Excellent for protecting threads and keeping unwanted contamination out of pipes, valves, tubing and most other cylindrical openings. The most economical solution for protecting standard size threads, unified threads, N.P.T. and metric size fittings or …