This storage system is the most cost effective and simplistic way to store light duty goods. This type of system is comprised of more than one shelf for storage of non-palletized loads, typically hand-loaded, light loads. There are 2 types of shelving: closed and open. Both types include upright posts, shelves and braces that attach together for horizontal storage bays to support the loads. Open Shelving has open sides and back while closed shelving has closed back and sides. Industrial shelving is made from heavier gauge materials and accommodates weights of 500 pounds per shelf or greater. Shelves can be subdivided into smaller openings for better organization of products. Systems can be designed any way you like based on your available floor space and storage requirements. This can be single sided, double sided, high density an integrated with structural platform for multiple levels. All are accessed by pedestrian for stock picking or placing.

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    High-Density Storage

    High-Density Storage
    Maximize warehouse space, pick orders faster and increase accuracy with SpeedCell® High-Density Storage – a dynamic, high-density storage solution uniquely designed to save time, space, and money by using existing unused flue space within standard pallet rack systems. SpeedCell compresses 200′ of rack or shelving into 40′ of highly organized space. More pick facings and greater …

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    The original Treston tool storage system requires only 21.52 sq. ft. of floor space and provides 172.22 sq. ft. of storage space. There is no need to attach it to the floor, as it stands firmly on its own. There is a caster on the lower edge of the panels …

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    Shelving with drawers is a hybrid system that can be used to store both small and large parts in the same unit. By installing this system, you can use up to one-sixth of the space used by traditional shelving solutions.


    Functional design that ensures it’s easy to use.
    The unique …

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    Sheetmaster 100

    The Sheetmaster is perfect for fixture and sheet metal storage. Ideal for use with vacuum lifts, hoists, sheet lifts, magnets and forklifts.

    Heavy Duty Shelves

    Shelves are of all-welded construction
    Steel decking is optional
    Shelves extend a full 100% with a 5,500 lb. load capacity, on 4 roller bearings

    Various Sizes Available
    Standard …

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    This type of shelving is often referred to as “High Density Storage” and it can increase the storage capacity of a given area by 50%. Mobile units are positioned between stationary units and an active aisle can be opened between any two units as needed.

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    Shelving Multi Level

    This entails at least 2 shelf levels are tiered one on top of each other with each tier serviced from a separate level and is commonly referred to as multi-level shelving. These systems are structured with each shelving unit one on top of the other with each tier serviced from …

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    Roll Out Shelving

    (E-Z Glide Full Extension Roll-Out Shelving – 100% extension of every shelf makes for easy loading and unloading of bulky items.

    Heavy-duty welded and bolted construction with a solid steel top and a 2,000-lb. capacity per shelf
    Additional add-on units available that share an upright for space efficiency, economy and structural …

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    Closed Industrial Shelving

    The most economical and dependable storage in your factory, warehouse or office stockrooms.

    Pick from heavy duty industrial 18 gauge shelves or standard 20 gauge shelves.
    Stocked 36”, 42”, 48” and 60” wide, 12”, 18” and 24” deep and 3’3”, 6’3”, 8’3” and 10’3” high.
    Available with three different uprights: common box, offset …

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    CEC MetroMax

    MetroMax i™ shelving offers lifelong durability – the strength of steel and a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. Shelves are built of advanced polymers with type 304 stainless steel corners. Removable polymer shelf mats and smooth surfaces promote easy routine cleaning. Ideal for most environments where stainless steel is …

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    Roll Out

    High-Density qwikTRAK can increase the storage capacity of a given area by 50%. Mobile units are positioned between stationary units and an active aisle can be opened between any two units as needed. This efficient utilization of space addresses the storage needs of growing operations and may eliminate the need …