There are a variety of styles of equipment that supports or elevates a load—either from the bottom up or overhead—to place it at the optimal working height for an operator to complete a task efficiently and with proper ergonomic technique.

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    Pallet Unilift



    A manually propelled lift truck that moves, raises and positions wire baskets, tote boxes, crates, skids and pallets to comfortable ergonomic work heights. Loads are mast-supported. Stackers can be outfitted with platforms, adjustable forks or fixed forks and hold capacities from 250 to 3,000 pounds. Attachments and accessories include devices …

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    Pallet Positioner Presto

    Designed specifically to make the job of loading and unloading pallets easier. Because the load height adjusts as items are added or removed, workers are not required to bend or stretch as they would if the pallets were on the floor. Some units have turntables which further simplify the process.

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    John Deere

    A portable or stationary device supported and stabilized scissor legs that lifts loads from the bottom up. The unit positions material so operators do not have to lift excessive loads, lift repetitively, or bend to do their jobs. Options may include a tilting mechanism to angle the load, or a turn table to …