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PlusPower™ Tug

Towing Tug

PlusPower™ Tug is an ergonomically designed motorized tow vehicle used to pull a variety of single or multiple carts in a safe and efficient manner with very little effort from the operator.  Increase productivity while reducing injuries.  This powerful, ergonomic tug does the job for you.  Reduce push/pull injuries and increase productivity. Custom Equipment Company’s …

Stainless Steel Equipment Stands

Equipment Stands
  • Stainless steel construction allows for easy sanitization
  • Optional locking drawers available on models H358 & H474
    — Call (855)905-0875 for quote

4-Shelf Wire Mobile Carts

Wire Shelving Carts
  • 4-Shelf Carts have 4 shelves and 4 posts
  • 3-Sided Carts have 4 shelves, 4 posts and enclosure panels
  • All carts have 2-5″ casters and 2-5″ braking casters

Wire Utility Carts

Wire Utility Carts
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Wire shelves for maximum visibility and air circulation