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Tote Lifters

  • Designed to lift open bottom skids, boxes and baskets
  • Side stabilizers provide balance to the unit when the load is lifted

Multi-Load Totes

  • Versatile tote for general storage and logistics applications
  • 80 lb. capacity
  • Ideal for maximizing space in Mini-Load Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

Straight Wall Containers

Straight Wall Containers
  • Durable and reusable containers perfect for shipping, storage, and work-in-process usage
  • Designed with straight walls to provide efficient internal and external usage of space

Attached Lid Containers

  • These industrial strength Attached Lid Containers form a reusable, versatile, economical system for order picking, distribution, shipping or storage
  • Attached lids snap securely closed to protect contents from dust or damage

Nest and Stack Totes and Lids

Totes and Lids
  • Heavy-duty industrial grade totes ideal for shipping, transfer, and storage applications
  • Made of durable high-density polypropylene – will not rust, corrode, or bend out of shape even when fully loaded

Stack and Nest Totes (SNTS) and Lids

Stack Totes
  • The ultimate reusable container for storing and shipping
  • Made of USDA-accepted material that complies with FDA regulations for use in food processing