CECPalletRack1Custom Equipment Company Inc. (CEC) was founded in May 1978 as a distributor and manufacturer?s representative of material handling products to major manufacturing plants in the southeast. As a small startup company in Charleston SC, we quickly grew by offering new and innovative products to companies throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Custom Equipment was one of the leaders in going ?Green? before it was a requirement or lingo for being environmentally friendly. Initially, our product offering consisted of custom metal and wood fabrication, but then evolved to pioneering the use of plastics for returnable containers, pallets, and totes. The implementation of plastics for returnable packaging was because it is recyclable and is a fraction of the cost & weight of steel or other reusable products.

While we have continued to provide standard products, we have excelled in creating products to solve our customers’ challenges, offering our expertise with material handling and packaging solutions. We were and still remain one of the few stocking distributors and dealers of returnable packaging on the east coast. We stock a number of bulk containers (fixed and collapsible), lids and other products.