Agricultural Material Handling Solutions

Agricultural Material Handling Solutions
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Agricultural Material Handling Solutions
Agricultural Storage Facilities

Agricultural Material Handling Solutions are vital while harvesting a yield which marks the beginning of agricultural material processing. When an agricultural commodity is brought in, its typical life cycle is load, store, pack, and ship. Assistance from material handling machinery that moves horizontally, as well as vertically, helps throughout this cycle.

Agricultural Material Handling Solutions
Vented Containers

Because many agricultural products are perishable, it’s important to employ material handling time as efficiently as possible. The speed at which you may transport agricultural products from the field to the warehouse and elsewhere can be better by selecting the appropriate equipment.

Due to the fact that many material handling farms and organizations are having negative impacts by a labor shortage, adopting material handling machinery frequently increases business volume.


Modern material handling systems have taken the place of tractors on farms of all sizes as the need for faster speed and efficiency in agriculture more important than ever. Forklifts are quickly replacing tractors in the modern American farm since seed and supplies are frequently transported on pallets. The better power that a lift truck delivers is essential for farmers who wish to grow or who need to store more seed, product, or supplies.


Get Quality Material Handling Machinery and Equipment

Agricultural Material Handling Solutions
ForkLifts For Farm Warehousing

Using a forklift to move palletized or bulky things, vegetables in crates, or other objects can save you time and worry. Farm workers can stack products on pallets or crates higher and more securely thanks to forklifts. Additionally, you may adapt current equipment to suit different uses, saving time and money.  An extensive selection of accessories available, such as rotators for dumping loads of fruits, berries, or vegetables is helpful.

We have the ideal option for you no matter what you need to lift, stack, or transport because our product load capacities range from 200 lbs. to 30,000 lbs.

Some forklift trucks can safely manage mud and sludge, ice, and snow with the proper tire package. In order to battle heat and cold, some models additionally come with optional temperature-controls in operator cabins.

Work Platforms
One and Two Person Lifts

It can be difficult to store fertilizer, harvested goods, and seed in bulk or on pallets. With the appropriate tools, you can turn your barn into a fully functional warehouse, though.

All these heavy, massive things are easily manageable for moving, loading and storage.  With the aid of forklifts, telehandlers, pallet jacks, lifts and other tools agricultural material handling solutions become easy.

Agricultural Material Handling Solutions




Hay bale hauling and feed stacking into high barn lofts are now safer and easier thanks to modern material handling equipment.

Tow tractors, telehandlers, and forklifts effortlessly lift, carry, and maneuver machinery and livestock from point A to point B.  They also make quick work of necessary tasks like feeding livestock.



Save Time and Labor With Updated Material Handling Techniques

Agricultural Material Handling Solutions
Commodity Conveyors

Agricultural Material Handling Solutions are for many farming procedures, like harvesting, that can take a lot of time and labor. Farmers can increase the effectiveness of their crop gathering processes by using conveyor belts during harvesting activities.

Conveyor belts can handle a variety of situations. They can swiftly assemble a variety of products, including fruits, nuts, and grains.  They also deliver them to the chosen storage location, shortening the turnaround time.

Additionally, using conveyor belts that are safe for food, guarantees your commodities stay clean and compliant with rules, reducing the possibility of contamination.

Agricultural Material Handling Solutions
Racking Systems

Products may need storage in some agricultural environments before being exported.  If this is the case in your system, you must keep goods in the most effective and organized manner possible, regardless of whether they are perishable.

Agricultural applications of any size can be accommodated by the warehouse storage systems at Customer Equipment Company.  Our engineers and storage system designers will pay attention to your needs and use CAD to create a workable system you can modify easily.  We will implement the ideal system for your storage solution once we get it just right.


Customize Your Material Handling Solutions


Agricultural Material Handling Solutions
Interflow Container and Pallet System

You can get assistance from your neighborhood Custom Equipment Company staff while you consider:

  • Weight and size of your loads
  • Whether or not you should use pallets
  • How high loads must be hoisted
  • If the operation will take place indoors or outdoors
  • The state of the surfaces for movement and transport
  • Weather conditions
Agricultural Material Handling Solutions
Bulk Collapsible Containers

Custom Equipment Company is a multi-line supplier that can meet all of the material handling requirements of the agricultural industry. We have a great deal of expertise in numerous agricultural operations.

Message us at, so you may receive the material handling equipment that is best for your farm.  Let us put our experience to work for you. We can evaluate your operation, goals, and budget and make the appropriate product recommendations. Then, we’ll offer our top-notch material handling equipment and techniques to support those products.

Custom Equipment Company has solutions for agricultural products’ preservation and safety. With the aid of new cutting-edge material handling technology, you can manage your products, barn and warehouse with a focus on efficiency and safety.

Agricultural Material Handling Solutions
Commodity Containers


Custom Equipment Company, empathizes with any Material Handling Shipping and Storage issues you may be experiencing. When using us as a supplier, please work closely with your CEC Customer Representative, to make certain your order is fulfilled in an expedient and efficient manner.


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