Bulk Container Storage and Shipping Sustainability

Bulk Containers

Container Sustainability
Means Less Commercial Packaging Waste

Bulk Container Storage and Shipping Sustainability has become more vital than ever before.

Business and industrial packaging waste is produced on a massive commercial scale by large corporations.  Cardboard boxes, single-use drums, wooden pallets, and other forms of packaging used in business supply chains account for the majority of waste generated in the United States.

Container Waste

Every year, more than 4 million tons of commercial waste and debris enter marine ecosystems.  It is predicted that by 2050, there will be more industrial waste in the oceans than fish. Major corporations will provide much of this when they discard single-use packaging.

According to recent trends, a large majority of consumers believe it is important for businesses to implement changes that will positively affect and reduce harm to the environment.  Many would change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment, while others have gone so far as to paying higher prices for products made with sustainable materials.

Because the most significant source of waste in our country today is commercial waste from large businesses using non-sustainable packaging and storage materials, Custom Equipment Company provides sustainable and reusable packaging that companies can use over and over again to meet their material packaging, storage and shipping needs.

Bulk Container Sustainability

Bulk Container

Fortunately, many business models are shifting to reusable shipping supplies like Bulk Containers as viable alternatives. Rather than simply creating recyclable products that will end up in landfills regardless of the manufacturer’s intentions, it is a better idea to set up systems that will significantly reduce the amount of waste.  Bulk Containers work effectively to this end.

Custom Equipment Company offers an extensive selection of bulk containers ideal for a broad range of material handling applications and support large weight capacities up to and beyond a ton.  These industry-leading reusable containers generally allow you to ship, store and handle your products with ease while increasing your operation’s productivity and profitability.

These tough, recyclable plastic and metal bulk containers are designed to give businesses an affordable alternative to ship goods.  Instead of buying disposable boxes for shipments and storage, use our durable bulk containers instead.  They will last for years even in difficult environments.


Containers, Bins and TotesStorage and Shipping

Our Heavy-Duty Collapsible Bulk Containers have load capacities up to 2,500 lbs.  They collapse flat in seconds.  They stack for storage and return shipment.  This optimizes space usage and saving money on returned freight.  Hand-hold areas on panels provide a comfortable grip for panel movement.  In addition to automotive and other packaging applications, these can also contain resins, preforms, food, granular products and other bulk solids.

Industrial container designs are available for the transport and storage of bulk liquid and granulate substances (i.e. Chemicals, food ingredients, solvents, pharmaceuticals, etc.).  Fixed Wall Bulk Containers stack with fork pockets.  They move using a forklift, pallet jack or other material handling equipment.


Things To Consider
When Looking For Bulk Containers

Bulk Containers

Bear in mind these basic characteristics
when purchasing bulk containers…


  • Compatibility: Will the container need to stack with others that are already in your, or your customer’s plant?
  • Stackability: Will you be stacking one full container on top of another? Note the stacking height restrictions.
  • Return Ratio: Some containers fold down to a lower height than others, saving space and freight charges on return trips. Example – 3:1 ratio means 3 collapsed units equal the height of 1 erect container.
  • Collapsibility: Don’t need to collapse a container? Choose from numerous fixed height models.
  • Drop Doors: These are the small fold-down doors on some of the walls. They allow easy, ergonomic access to contents.
  • Latch Style: Some containers offer snap-lock style latches to easily open and close drop doors and to easily collapse walls. Heavy-duty models offer post & pocket latches that are less prone to damage.Bulk Container Lids
  • Lids: Optional lids protect contents from dust and damage. Stack containers with or without the lids.
  • Special Conditions: Always consider testing a container under actual conditions to determine suitability.


Custom Equipment Company Has The Answers

Since 1979, Custom Equipment Company has worked with companies of various sizes  and has earned their trust. In order to enhance the effectiveness of your supply chain, we can offer experienced advice on the ideal shipping containers for your operation as well as ways to streamline your material handling procedures.  Here is what you can gain from working with us…
Bulk Container

  • Wide Selection – We have the most comprehensive selection of reusable transport packaging, so we have bulk containers with all the characteristics you require, such as insulation, four-way fork pallet bases, secure lids, discharge valves, collapsible walls, and more.
  • Excellent Customer Support – After you receive your order, we are accessible to answer any questions you may have about our products. We also provide quotations promptly.  Our goal is to establish a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.
  • Quick Turnaround Times – Because we have a large stock of bulk containers coming from various locations around the country, we can typically deliver orders in just a few business days.  This helps to reduce freight expenses.
  • Low Prices – In the end, it’s all about getting the most for your money. We are skilled at creating the great value.  We purchase bulk containers from all of the top producers providing the most competitive costs because of our purchasing power, utilization of manufacturer competition, partnerships, and experience.


Custom Equipment Company provides many types of bulk containers.
We are certain that we have just the perfect kind of container for your operation,
regardless of your industry or the size of your logistics project.


Visit www.cec.mhs.com To Select From
A Large Variety of Custom Equipment Company’s Containers or
Choose From These Popular Items Below…

Bulk Collapsible Containers

Bulk Containers

Bulk Collapsible Containers are medium-duty material handling containers having a long life under general purpose conditions and repeated use. These bulk containers offer superior quality and value, and are also in stock and readily available for immediate shipment.

Because they are high-density polyethylene, these 1,800 lb.-capacity containers are built to provide years of service under tough conditions.

They are stackable, easy to assemble and knockdown, 100% recyclable, and save on storage and transportation costs.

They have pallet jack and 4-way forklift access for secure and efficient handling. Drop doors on the sides allow for easy access to contents of the container.

These collapsible bulk containers are ideal for storing and handling a variety of component parts, industrial materials, and commercial supplies.

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Bulk Collapsible Container Lids

Shipping protection for heavy-duty machinery, large parts and bulky items. These lids fit all standard 48″ x 45″  and 32″ x 30″ collapsible bulk containers. Useable for multi-use packaging and shipping.  Lids are also great for protecting stored items from weathering and contamination.

*For bulk orders please call for bulk pricing*

*Collapsible Bulk Container Lids 48″ x 45″ are in stock and typically ship within 1 to 2 business days*

Bulk Container Lid

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Container Lid

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Attached Lid Container – Special Clearance Price!

Attached Lid ContainerAttached Lid Containers 27″L x 17″W x 12.5″H are a reusable storage container that’s perfect for use in order picking, closed-loop distribution and storage applications.

Rated to hold 35 lbs each stacked 5 high. Reinforced metal hinge pins for years of smooth lid operation, and padlock eye provides security option.

Textured bottom surface provides a sure grip on conveyor belts.

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