We custom design and manufacture our soft fabric dunnage systems for integration into bags, totes, bulk containers and racks. Our vinyl fabric bag and pouch dunnage systems are perfect for material handling challenges involving Class A surface protection requirements. They are strong, durable and collapsible, increasing protection and reliability while at the same time-saving space when not in use. Each bag and pouch can be designed to fit into your current containers or offered as part of a full packaging system.

Also, our foam packaging dunnage can stand alone or be integrated into the corrugated plastic dividers and partitions or packaging to better protect even the most delicate products. Our custom foam packaging is both returnable and perfect for expendable (one-time ship) applications.

Our engineers often surpass our clients’ expectations by designing packaging products that do a better job of meeting their needs than they thought possible. Our high-quality, cost-saving returnable packaging products have set the standard for industries that require a high level of dependability and safety during shipping and storage. Industries with high value, delicate products such as medicine and electronics depend on us because we design with consideration for their needs.

Our custom textile and foam dunnage are commonly used in Agriculture, Appliance, Automotive, Cabinetry, Electronics, Disaster Relief, Government/Military, Material Handling, Pharmaceutical and Retail/Food.

Examples of Custom Dunnage:

Foam Dunnage

foam end caps for boxes

Textile Dunnage

bag set for a tote