Custom Equipment Company designs Custom Protective Packaging and Interiors and dunnage to protect your parts through all stages of assembly, work-in-progress and transportation.

We design and assist with the manufacturing process with custom interior dunnage. These consists of Corrugated paper and Plastic inserts, Thermoformed Plastic inserts, Injection Molded Plastic trays, die and waterjet cut foams- just to name a few.

Many times the dunnage needs are unforeseen and need to be created on short notice. With a diagram and dimensions we can in some cases supply a Rapid Prototype within 48 hours. All products can be custom designed to protect your products and reduce your cost!

Services we provide with Custom Protective Packaging & Interiors

  • Package Design Service
  • New Product Protection
  • Damage Problems
  • Packaging System Cost Reductions
  • Converting your System from Expendable to Returnable Packaging
  • Complete CAD design and Prototyping shop
  • Kitted and Pre-Assembled Packaging (Optional)

Your custom packaging arrives assembled and ready to use. No set up time required in your plant – simply unpack pallet, pack your finished goods and ship.

  • Reduce Custom Labor Expenses
  • Reduce Inventory Costs
  • Free up Valuable Plant Space


Find more amazing products on our Catalog or in our Case Studies!

Examples of Custom Protective Packaging & Interiors:

Thin Gauge Thermoformed Tray


Injection Molded Tray & Thin Gauge Tray Insert

Injection Molded Tray

Custom Heavy Gauge Thermoform Tray

heavy gauge tote tray

Corrugated Plastic Dunnage With Foam

Custom Corrugated Dunnage