Capitalize on Food Production Services

The food industry is another area we should focus to capitalize on as small to medium businesses. From production and warehousing to delivery services, Food and Beverage, or F&B brings in an average of $368.4 billion dollars a year. (Based on Stats from Money Under and Statista). That means that Americans spend 13% of the ENTIRE National Budget on Dining Out. That’s an astronomical number and doesn’t include what we spend eating at home.

This industry is gigantic and we need to figure out how to get into it and provide our services for them. Once we can crack that proverbial egg, the world will be our proverbial oyster.

How Do We Find a Way in?

This is by far, in any industry, the hardest part to capitalize on Food Production Services. Getting your foot in the door requires hours and hours of cold calls, emails and knocking on doors, mostly figuratively.  But, unless by some miracle you find a crack in their fortress, it’s not easy. So don’t expect this to be a walk in the park. Here are some ways we have been successful…

  1. Ask yourself how you fit in. In the vast expanse of industries, you need to figure out what solution you bring to the table. For us, we do packaging and safety. So our foot in is How can we lower costs and make your site more efficient? Perhaps you are in the Trucking Industry. How do you transport your goods? Or maybe you are in the Aerospace industry. How do you cater to the needs both building and supplying for the interior of planes?
  2. Ask yourself who do you know there. Finding a way in sometimes depends solely on making working relationships with people within those facilities. Maybe you have a friend or a neighbor or family member who works there. They might be able to make a simple introduction. It’s important when using these people who are near to you that you don’t hurt their reputation. Be concise and respectful. Don’t be pushy when you meet their coworker or supervisor.

What do they Need when we get there?

One of the biggest selling points for any industry is YOU! your salesman will be the face of your company for that industry or organization. So, here is what they need…

  1. Your Knowledge. In sales, they seldom buy-in based on your product. It is more often based on your salesperson’s knowledge of the product. The best salespeople have knowledge of their product!
  2. Your Energy. When I say energy, I mean your vibe. Your excitement. Your positivity. Dull people with no energy will close sales… positive and energetic salespeople will close MORE!
  3. Your Customer Care. Not to be confused with Customer Service. One is how you serve them as a Customer. Customer Care refers to how you treat them as a human being. The Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”  That will go a long way! Make sure you keep their best interest at heart while maintaining Company Standards and the Company’s Interest as well.

How do we make them Lifetime Partners instead of One Time Customers?

Well, all you have to do is follow Steps 1-3 of the What they Need section. It really is as easy as that. Customers will be loyal and lifetime converts if you treat each sale like a friendly alliance instead of a business transaction. “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” So show them you care. Treat them like family and like any good family, they’ll never leave.

Now get out there and Capitalize on Food Production as we move forward to a brighter tomorrow!


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