ergo lift

Ergonomic solution improves

productivity & reduces floor space

A manufacturer of high quality diamond cutting disks was faced with a safety concern, their manufacturing personnel were handling cutting disks without any ergonomic aids. Working through the Safety Department, Joe Vetter with Custom Equipment Company, Inc was invited to review the project. During Joe’s initial visit he was introduced to the engineering and production managers that enabled him to gather the following application information.

Details Defined

  • They make cutting disks varying from 5″ up to 24″ diameter with a max weight of 250lbs.
  • The cutting disks are manufactured on six lines run by two operators that are 100 feet apart.
  • The larger units require two operators to grab the product and carry to an inspection table.
  • After inspecting one side the discs are flipped over to perform the same task on the other side.
  • The smaller units, while less heavy, still required a lot of reaching and straining.
  • The customer’s request was to provide a solution that would transfer the disks from a CNC machine to a work table for operator inspection.

The customer initially inquired about jib cranes but this would require six units, one per work station. “Our competitors were quoting cranes as a solutions” recalls Joe. “I knew there had to be a more ergonomic and efficient solution.”

That’s when he reached out to Tom Gondi with Southern Market Share, Inc. “After reviewing the complete application, we went to work to provide a simple yet comprehensive solution,” stated Tom. We knew using a Lift Trac Transporter would enable us to share one unit between all the work stations. We also thought we could eliminate the inspection table by incorporating a work platform into our transporter?


The solution was a transporter with an adjustable height platform and a fixed boom. This provides the operator an ergonomic work surface for inspection that incorporates an easy way to flip the disks. The disk is rotated by attaching a sling to the boom then lowing the platform down to allow full suspension. The operator then raises the table top back up, making sure the disk is positioned with the second side facing up. Once inspection is complete, the unit is wheeled over to the finished goods area and off loaded from the Lift Trac. The customer loved the idea of a portable solution that could be utilized between all his work stations.

This resulted in a cost saving for over $30,000 when compared to competitors’ quotes. It also caused a reduction in floor space with the removal of the existing work stations and elimination of worker fatigue, due to stretching, bending and lifting. During Joe’s 60 day follow up the customer commented ‘the operators all say the unit is working beyond their expectations.’

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