Storage Lockers

Storage Lockers

Storage lockers are useful for separating, organizing, and securing products and inventory. Their sturdy, mesh design makes them an effective way to store and protect goods in different industries from manufacturing to retail. This case study shows how these units, by WireCrafters, can be used as effective storage lockers for residents in a retirement community.

Great for more than just cluttered homes or organization within the extra rooms of the house, these steel units are good for manufacturing and warehouse space, educational areas and even security.

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Client Issue

This particular retirement community opened in the fall of 2008 as the newest edition to a corporate Retirement Community Family. As one of the nation’s leading managers of senior living communities, they strive to provide for the needs of their residents and staff in any and every way possible. Dedicated to providing exceptional personal service and promoting wellness and lifelong learning for their residents. They strive to enhance quality of life and ensure peace of mind for the residents and their families.

To that end, the issue arose, when residents began to have a need for safe and secure storage outside of their homes. This kept to the ‘peace of mind’ aspect of their vision. Facing a growing need for additional space to store decorations and seasonal equipment, they reached out to us. Some needed to store bikes and other athletic gear, while others wanted a place for their traveling equipment and other non-essential goods. But how?



The Regional Sales Representative, Tom McGovern, assessed the situation. Tom measured out the rooms and calculated the number of storage lockers that could fit in each space. He assessed the walls and helped with making a plan for layout. Then he began to prep for the  install that would eventually take place. After offering a free quote to the client, he received the ‘go ahead’ to move forward with the project.



Wirecrafters, a close partner with us, assisted in installing 240 storage units that would lock for security, but were also easily accessed by key holders. Steel welded, wire tenant storage lockers were an ideal way to secure resident’s personal items.

Made of ten gauge wire in a 2″ x 2″ square welded wire mesh. This mesh is welded into a 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ x 13 gauge rolled formed angle. The storage locker’s open yet secure design allows existing lighting and ventilation. Also, fire suppression systems can function effectively throughout the secured storage areas.


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