Corporate Synergy

Corporate Synergy is the cooperation of staff, clientele and vendors formed to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. That is the positive effect of one staff member to another. One Customer to a Salesperson. One bookkeeper to a Vendor. When we maintain a balance and harmony amongst those three parts of business, we find Synergy. And Corporate Synergy is what takes a good team and moves it to excellence.

Sparking Synergy

Finding the spark to this synergy is very easy for the administrator or leader who is proficient with it. A leader who can observe the ‘language’ each person needs to feel respected and accepted. A leader who can learn the body language of their coworkers and subordinates, so well that they can see issues before they get out of control. These are the leaders who not only avoid big issues by handling them before they get out of hand. These are the leaders who can spark enthusiasm in the workplace. They make every worker feel appreciated by the company as well as by that administrator. These are the leaders who make every person in the company want to succeed.

To spark this sort of community and cooperative teamwork, a leader needs to be attuned to the following

  • The Employees feelings about Administration, Cooperative Treatment, Working Conditions and Personal and Professional Preferences as they apply to the job
  • The small and large impacts of making policy and procedure changes
  • The Health of the Company Overall
  • The Structure of the Company
  • The Trouble Spots of the Company (including Employees, Policies, Past and Present Hardships)

Fueling Synergy

Now that your leader has sparked the fire, you need to add some fuel to really ignite it. That fuel can be anything that gets your employees excited. These are sometimes the events or gatherings that make employees hate work a little less. Because, let’s face it, no one wants to work at a boring job these days. We are a society that is finally coming back to the age of ‘Work hard to Play harder’. If we aren’t fulfilled and happy, we will pick up and leave, and that generation is the one that is taking the front row on this leadership train. We might as well accept it.

So what are some good examples of this?

  1. A Christmas Party (or any Party based around a holiday or event) Is PERFECT for fueling that synergy. This can also take the form of Friday Cocktails for Happy Hour or even a Corporate Luncheon. Anything to get people interacting outside of their cubicle, as it were.
  2. A Company Picnic  (or an event to bring family). Meeting family members helps to soften the rough edges on most people and make them more relatable, etc.
  3. In-House Competitions – like Highest Sales for the Month, Safest Procedures or Most ‘Check Ins’. You could even do a different one each month to highlight specific areas within your facility so that the same group doesn’t win every time.
  4. Reward their efforts… however you can. Reward their efforts!

Utilizing Corporate Synergy

Now that you have sparked and fueled those flames of Corporate Synergy, it’s time to utilize it! How? Simple… just keep stoking the fire as you did to get it started. Now, watch the flame grow and the Synergy push us into a Brighter Tomorrow.


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