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‘Custom’ is the first word in our name because in 1978 the founder Bobby Riggs recognized that anyone can sell a product, but, only an innovative partner can provide a customized solution.

One example of CEC’s early innovations came in the form of plastic spools and reels later patented as the Duraspool. The idea came from a visit to a customer who used heavy steel spools in their plant. These metal spools were unwieldy because of their weight, and over time, burs would develop that cut their employees as they handled them. They were easily damaged and difficult to repair. Bobby’s idea was to create the spools out of high impact injection molded plastic and replace the dated metal and wood spools. This concept created a new generation of spools and reels that would come to dominate the tire and rubber industries.

We design, manufacture and customize! Heavy Gauge Vacuum Thermoformed Pallets? We’ve got them! Corrugated Boxes and Corrugated Plastics? You can find them here! Thin Gauge Plastics, Foam, Internal Dunnage and One Way Shipping Cartons? You bet! We can help design customized totes and bulk containers and have a facility where we can perform cleaning, kitting and repair services.

As your innovative partner, Custom Equipment Company has the experience you need to get the job done. We have the talent and track record to create the perfect customized solution for your business! And we will do it on time and on budget!

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