CEC serves a diverse customer base which includes companies from the automotive, aerospace, agriculture, meat & poultry, healthcare, food and beverage, government, general manufacturing and distribution industries.

This diversity has proven to be an asset as technology and materials evolve, we often see trends in return packaging that work well for all of our customers with a little customization.
CEC’s more than 3 decades of experience will be an asset for any business that has any kind of material handling need.



  • Agriculture

    Stack Nest Containers

    One of the products that CEC has invented for the agriculture industry is the

  • Aerospace/Aviation

    Aerospace Manufacturing

    CEC understands the unique material handling challenges the aerospace industry faces. The ability to

  • Automotive

    Automotive Bulk Container

    CEC’s customized solutions and services help global automotive manufacturers and suppliers meet the demands

  • Pharmaceutical/ Medicine

    Large hospitals are adopting supply chain technologies to manage the flow of materials inside

  • Meat, Poultry & Seafood

    Meat Pack Conveyor

    Contamination can be disastrous in the meat, poultry and seafood industries. Selecting pallets and

  • Food/ Beverage

    Grocery Store Containers

    The need for store-friendly and aisle-ready displays and deliveries, worker ergonomics/safety, additional space, and

  • General Manufacturing

    Distribution Warehouse Conveyor

    With such a wide variety of products moving through manufacturers and third party logistics