Custom Equipment Company offers a complete catalog of products. The items listed here are a fraction of what you will find in our online catalog. If you are looking for a particular product or brand and you do not see it here or in our catalog call us at (800) 922-6120 or you can email your request to

  • Air Curtains

    Manufacturing and warehousing spaces are built for work, and so are Berner industrial air curtains (air doors). By

  • Anti-Fatigue Mats

    Anti-fatigue mats are mats designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods on a hard

  • Asset Protection

    We’d love for you to ask yourselves, “What am I doing to protect my workshop from injury?”

  • Auto Storage Retrieval Systems ASRS

    Auto Storage Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are designed for automated storage and retrieval of parts and items in

  • Automated Guided Vehicles AGVs

    Automated Guided Vehicle (AGVs)

    Computer-controlled and wheel-based, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are load carriers that travel along the

  • Bulk Containers

    For efficient material handling, one way shipping and closed-loop shipping, nothing beats bulk containers. Custom Equipment Company

  • Cabinets

    Cabinets are primarily used for storage of products and contents you want to secure safely and out

  • Carts & Dollies

    Carts are vehicles typically with 4 wheels but sometimes 2 to transfer or convey products to desired

  • Casters and Wheels

    When mounted to the underside of a piece of equipment, casters and wheels make it easier for

  • Chairs

    In today’s working environments, it is important to have an ergonomic chair suitable for the application to

  • Cleanroom / Lab

    A cleanroom / lab is a situation, ordinarily utilized as a part of assembling, including of pharmaceutical items

  • Conveyors

    Used for movement of materials, products and loads throughout a manufacturing or distribution facility. Conveyors are horizontal, inclined

  • Custom Dunnage

    We custom design and manufacture our soft fabric dunnage systems for integration into bags, totes, bulk containers

  • Division 10

    Division 10 refers to a set of architectural specifications that covers specialty construction products.

  • Dock Equipment

    In order to facilitate material handling, loading docks may be equipped with the following dock equipment:

    Bumpers – protect the dock from

  • Hand Held Totes and Bins

    Totes or hand held containers – Are transported or handled by hand, often with molded-in handles. Totes

  • Lift Tables

    A portable or stationary device supported and stabilized scissor legs that lifts loads from the bottom

  • Lockers

    A locker is a small, usually narrow storage compartment. They are commonly found in dedicated cabinets, very often in

  • Mezzanines

    Mezzanines, work platforms and Catwalks are structures built in most cases within an existing facility to maximize

  • Modular Offices

    A modular office commonly referred to as “In plant Office” or “Prefabricated Building” is an economical and

  • Order Picking

    The order picking or order preparation operation is one of a logistic warehouse’s processes. It consists in

  • Overhead Cranes & Hoists

    Used for vertical lifting of freely suspended, heavy, bulky loads. Hoists works in conjunction with overhead cranes and workstation cranes.

  • Packaging Accessories

    Most think of labels, bags, liners, tags, films or protective components. These are required in all types

  • Pallet Rack Systems

    These are used for storing bulk loads that traditionally take up more floor space and/or will not

  • Pallet Truck

    Not everybody has a standard sized application that fits a standard sized pallet jack. That’s why we

  • Pallets

    Pallets, sometimes inaccurately called a skid, are vessels that support goods in a stable state while in static

  • Powered Utility Carts

    Powered Utility Carts
    Manual material handling represents the largest source of workman’s compensation claims and costs in the

  • Roll-Out Shelving

    Reduce MACHINE DOWN TIME by placing a roll out shelving next to a sheer, laser, turret punch

  • Safety Floor Tape

  • Security Gates

    Provide a safer, better ventilated, and more secure location. Our 100 percent American-made galvanized steel folding gates are

  • Shelving

    This storage system is the most cost effective and simplistic way to store light duty goods. This

  • Soft Wall Partitions - Industrial Curtains

    We have custom-designed industrial curtains and SoftWalls to meet every need and budget. Our SoftWall Retractable Booths

  • Spill Containment

    Spill containment is where spills of chemicals, oils, sewage etc. are contained within a barrier or drainage

  • Stretch Wrap Machine

    Stretch Wrap Machine
    CEC offers a full line of semi-automatic stretch wrap machines. Focusing on quality pallet wrappers

  • Wire Partitions

    Wire partitions are modular steel systems that are used for safety, security, and separation. Mesh, welded or

  • Work Benches

    A workbench is a table used by workers both professionally and personally to hold workpieces while they are worked

  • Work Positioners

    There are a variety of styles of equipment that supports or elevates a load—either from the bottom