Adjustable Hand Pallet Truck

The Yellow Jack-It is the only Adjustable Hand Pallet Truck in the world with manually adjustable forks, requiring no tools! Using the ergonomic hand crank, adjust forks from 27 inches to 13 inches. The Yellow Jack-It replaces your current fleet of pallet trucks and leaves you more space in the warehouse or delivery truck.

With its easy-to-crank handle, the Yellow Jack-It forks slide back and forth, quickly adjusting to whatever size you need. Half pallets, full pallets, side entries, OSHA pallets, or odd size items, the Yellow Jack-It can move it simply adjust the forks and GO!


Product Specifications

Adjustable Forks:  Using the patented technology, adjust the forks from 27 inches to 13 inches in seconds!

German Sealed Pump Kit: Unique double seal design ensures long life span. Unique pump technology allows for controlled descent speed regardless of load weight.

Heavy Duty, Reinforced Forks: Designed for strength and durability. Ensures 25% more strength than a standard fork. The truck can be used frequently in the toughest conditions.

Ergonomic Handle: Ergonomically designed handle offers a comfortable grip in all temperatures and provides more lifting height per stroke than a regular handle.

Self-lubricating bearings: Ensures long life.

Additional entry and exit rollers: Offers easier entry and exit from pallet and protects load wheels.

Hand control: Easy to operate, 3-function hand control (raise, neutral, lower) for smooth control.

Safe: The Yellow Jack-It adjusts to the size you need avoiding the need to balance loads or strain your back.

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