Build and Design

When speaking of Build and Design we look at the Treston workbench product family has a solution to meet any industrial workbench needs, ranging from low-cost standard workbenches to advanced adaptable designs customized for an existing production line.

Quality of Build and Design

Quality Treston workbenches are designed to withstand years of heavy use. Modularity offers agility and lengthens product life cycles. The widest range of accessories on the market gives the ability to create personalized, ergonomic, and flexible workstations for employees to ensure safe, easy-to-use, and motivating working conditions. A well-functioning workstation creates the conditions for eliminating errors and working effectively, which in turn improves productivity and well-being at work.

Uses of Build and Design

The uses of Treston industrial workbenches are widespread, ranging from the electronics industry and heavy industry to logistics centers, public services, education providers, and various kinds of workshops. Today, these workbenches are also fulfilling an important role in manufacturing medical devices to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. These workbenches and related furniture are providing workers with the means necessary to equip labs, hospitals, and other medical organizations with the tools they need to help save lives. The product development, quality assurance, light assembly, and packaging and logistics sectors all benefit from well-equipped workstations that help in ensuring fast, precise, and comfortable work.

Technology of Build and Design

Treston workbenches help in the creation of new technologies at ABB, SAAB, and Nokia; handbags at Chanel; and speakers at Sennheiser. They also help produce various different web shops? products for the world.

  • Adaptable and ergonomic Concept workbenches meet a wide range of industrial needs. Concept workbenches come in various sizes and have the widest range of accessories on the market. Very stable, with a maximum load capacity of 1100 lbs. Also available with electric height adjustment and ESD protection. More information here
  • The Treston Workshop workbench is a great choice for heavy industry and heavy-duty uses. Suitable for use in workshops, repair shops, and other environments in which chemicals or heavy loads are handled. Several leg and table top design options. The widest range of accessories on the market. Maximum load capacity 1650+ lbs.
  • Treston’s Cornerstone workbench is a heavy-duty, four-leg workstation capable of handling heavy loads up toe 2000 lbs. Height adjustable and easily adaptable means this workstation is ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • The Treston TP workbench is a cost-effective, solid, standard industrial workbench. A wide range of accessories makes the Treston TP workbench highly adaptable. Available with ESD protection. Maximum load capacity 660 lbs.
  • The Treston LMT is a versatile workbench, with electric height adjustment, and is designed to cater for the needs of light industrial work. A broad height adjustment range, four sizes, and maximum load capacity of 330 lbs. Available with ESD protection. Workbench accessories can be used to improve ergonomics and personalize the workbench for the user.
  • The Treston TPB packing bench is a well-thought-out, safe, and easy-to-use comprehensive solution. There are 50+ accessories and add-ons available for the basic package. Plenty of room to work and to store packaging materials. Stepless height adjustment. Easy to buy, transport and assemble. Maximum load capacity 660 lbs.
  • The Treston MultiLine is the most innovative material flow solution on the market. Its underlying concept is simple: by connecting workstations to a transfer line you can achieve a more flexible and controllable material flow between workstations without sacrificing characteristics such as usability or ergonomics.