Container Tilters

Our full line of container tilters make accessing parts easier and less fatiguing. Presto container tilters tilt baskets up toward workers allowing then to pick contents without bending and stretching.

Choose from stationary container tilters, portable container tilters, floor-height container tilter or lift and tilt styles.


PT/PTS Series Portable Container Tilter

These portable, battery powered container tilters go anywhere  needed. Choose them for applications that require sharing between multiple users or work cells, or where workers need to pick up and return containers to and from staging areas. Choose a Non-Straddle unit for use with most standard containers or a Straddle unit for use with containers that have reinforcing leg bars.

Available in 2,000 or 4,000 lb. capacities. All PT and PTS Container Tilter can tilt containers to any angle between 0° and 85°.

ZRT Series Floor Level Container Tilter

Tilts containers weighing up to 4,000 lbs. at any angle between 0° and 89° for improved access. All this without bending and stretching. Floor level design allows containers to be placed on the tilter with a hand pallet truck. This makes them perfect for facilities that don’t have a fork lift or stacker.

An additional advantage of hand pallet truck accessibility is the opportunity for workers to function at their own pace without having to wait for a fork lift and certified operator to load the lifts for them.


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