Carriage Plate Series Scale

carriage plate

The Carriage Plate Series Scale replaces the forklifts OEM carriage plate FEM fittings with power taken from the truck battery. Weight is transmitted to the display wirelessly. FOB Shipping Point. Note on Carriage Plate Series Scale: Products require installation services, which will incur an additional cost. Please contact us for service.



Allow you to ship, receive and warehouse unit loads on inexpensive slip sheets rather than pallets. Products typically handled with a push/pull include bagged products such as seed, agricultural products and cement; cased food, electronics, cosmetics and bottled beverages.


  • Plug and weigh.

Wireless forklift scale (not legal for trade). Replace your existing forklift forks with the completely wireless eForks. Install in 5 minutes with no special tools required. Features digital calibration with Bluetooth signal transfer. The scale is powered by rechargeable battery packs (charger included). Indicator powered by 4 AA batteries. 12-month warranty. ITA class 2 mounting. Fork length measure 45.3″ face of fork to end of fork tip. 4″ fork width 5,500 lbs. capacity per pair. FOB Shipping Point.

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