Distribution Pallet

Distribution Pallet

Over the last few decades, companies have been switching from wood pallets to plastic pallets. The different reasons for this switch, include cost, function, and environmental reasons. Although the initial cost of a plastic pallet may be higher than a wood pallet, recyclable plastic pallets last longer. This allows companies to purchase fewer pallets over time and ultimately saves them money. We design plastic pallets for almost any function.

With thermoforming technology, pallets can be created in almost any size. Whatever a company requires, we design them nestable and stackable. Since we design plastic pallets to be nestable, empty pallets take up less room on the shop floor than wood pallets. Plastic pallets are also an environmentally friendly option. Most pallets are at least some, if not 100%, recycled material and are fully recyclable as well.

Some use Plastic pallets for single use and then recycle them. Many use them for returnable packing. Returnable packing allows a company to purchase the pallet once and reused them for years. Since the pallets are nestable, the pallets take up less space on the return trip, often equating to less freight costs. This means that plastic pallets will directly reduce shipping costs for most companies. Therefore, plastic pallets overall a better value than wood pallets because plastic pallets are a more durable, cost-efficient, and environmental sound than wood pallets.

Distribution Pallet

Distribution Pallet: custom thermoformed plastic pallet is reinforced with a steel frame. This design allows for the pallet to provide a measure of plastic flexibility while incorporating the strength of steel to provide the rigidity needed for edge racking (Eliminates the need for wire decking). CEC assists with eliminating the concerns for damaged pallets that shut down conveyor systems or fall out with wood or injection molded pallets.



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