Dock Bumpers

Laminated Bumpers

  • Absorb 80% or more of impact force
  • Pressure laminated between heavy structural steel angles
  • Sizes and thickness to fit all needs
  • Attaches easily to any surface
  • Models to meet government and postal requirements
  • Constructed of tread portion of belted ply tires only
  • Full length?3/4″ steel rods welded to end angles -bolted end available

Laminated and molded rubber construction bumpers available in a broad array of sizes and shapes to fit your particular needs.

Molded Bumpers

  • Standard?models in rectangular?”T” and “L” shapes
  • Nylon and rayon cord fibers throughout, minimizing chipping and tearing
  • Absorb shock?of truck impact and spring to original shape
  • Some models available in?2″, 3″ and 4″ thicknesses
  • Furnished with pre-drilled countersunk holes for easy installation and bolt head protection

Long lasting molded rubber design can be chained to the dock.