Foam Dunnage

foam end caps for boxes

Foam Dunnage

We can produce custom foam dunnage up to 5″ thick for use in a variety of industries. This polyethylene foam cell dunnage was designed and manufactured for a customer in the automotive industry. The cross-linked polyethylene foam was cut on our water jet cutting machine to nominal tolerances of .125″. Plastic corrugated trays were die cut to serve as the base of the dunnage. After the individual pieces were cut and trimmed, the foam insert was glued to the corrugated trays.

Foam Rails in Tote

This pack features our 5 axis waterjet cut rails from XLPE gray foam. These foam rails and glued to a plastic corrugated pad and inserted into a molded handheld tote.





foam kitting packFoam Kitting Pack

This is a tote waterjet cut and glued together to create cells for multiple parts. This is commonly called a Kit pack. This can be inserted into a molded tote or polyurea coated for additional strength.



XLPE Foam Pads

foam padsThese are foam pads that have cavities in the top layer for part location. The layers of foam are PSA glued together and are available in common colors.





Foam in PP Corr tray

foam in plastic corr trayThis is a plastic corrugated tray with XLPE waterjet cut foam glued to hold trim parts for the automotive industry. This pack will fit into bulk containers and stack multiple layers.





PE Foam Endcap Set

foam end capsThis is a foam endcap set waterjet cut from PE foam made for expendable packaging.??We can do many variations of endcaps to support and protect product being shipped.






foam rails in bulk container

Foam Rail Set in Bulk Container

This is a plastic corrugated pad with XLPE waterjet cut foam rails glued and specially designed to support class A?surface parts. We design and produce many variations of dunnage for containers.