Folding Security Gate

Install a folding security gate for dock and receiving doors, doorways, garage and service doors, hallways and entrance-ways without sacrificing visibility or air circulation. Gates have open webbing that allows greater air circulation and visibility during the day, and tight security around the clock. They’re perfect for lift-up doors, and larger doorways and hallways.

Double Gates up to 24′ wide are always in stock. Larger sizes are also available with quick turnaround. Pair Folding Security Gates are ideal for openings greater than 12′, for smaller openings, use one of our single folding security gates.

They designed Single Gates to secure dock, receiving, garage and service doorways, hallways and entranceways. Good for up to 12 feet wide without sacrificing visibility or air circulation.

Portable Gates are a quick and simple way to seal off any area and still allow multiple entry points, making them perfect for temporary access control.

The Manufacturer designed folding industrial gates to make your facilities more secure and still allow frequent, easy access to those who need it.

They fold easily back and out of the way when people or equipment need to pass. However, they also provide a lockable barrier when closed. These gates are excellent for situations where compact, restriction of access is a priority, but where customers desire visibility and air flow as well. Secure your warehouse, your bay doors, your aisles, and other restricted areas with easy to install folding gates. Every gate retracts to a fraction of its extended width. They will pivot up to 270 degrees to clear the doorway. Arranged to accept padlocks. Constructed from heavy-duty steel U-type channel riveted back-to-back. All double gates secured with drop pins and feature steel ball bearing swivel casters for easy opening and closing. The manufacturer riveted the webs to vertical rails and rivets are secure behind, to prevent tampering. No welding required for installation. Gates supplied with mounting brackets and bearing washers.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Folding Gate, Steel Accordion Gate, Retractable Gates, Door Gate, Retractable Gate, Industrial Warehouse Gates, Accordion Gate.