Forklift Attachments / Accessories



  • Reduce Damage to pallets, product and racks by easily shifting the Forklift Accessories left or right to align them with the load being picked up or when stacking or setting the load into a rack.
  • Faster Loading and Unloading due to the added ability to easily align forks with load and load to stacks, no more jockeying to get the correct entry position.
  • Improve Warehouse Space Utilization by being able to easily position loads into a more tightly stacked arrangement.
  • Faster Cycle Times are obtained by laterally positioning the forks opposed to repositioning the entire truck.
  • Reduce Wear and Tear On the Truck by maneuvering the truck less.
  • Increased Maneuverability through tight corners by shifting the load to one side avoiding having to reposition the entire truck.

Forklift Accessories


There’s a clamp for any application. Whether you’re handling baled paper, textile, cotton, tires, recycling waste, or anything in between, clamps offer a solution. These clamps are durable enough for the toughest conditions. They’re versatile and easy to service. Each clamp is designed to do a particular job, and do it well, so you can always find the right clamp for any load. With these features and a variety of options, the result is faster, safer and more efficient handling, leading to improved productivity, less damage and satisfied customers.




Carton Clamps

Whether you’re handling consumer paper products, appliances, consumer electronics, wine packaged foods (canned or boxed), chemicals or plastics,? Carton Clamps offer a solution. They’re durable enough for the toughest conditions, versatile and easy to service.






Paper Roll Clamps

Meeting the paper roll industry?s need for damage free roll handling with maximum efficiency, we offer?a full line of paper roll clamps and roll clamp damage reduction options to handle paper rolls regardless of diameter, weight or type of paper. For paper roll handling of every size, in industries from stevedoring to printing, we have it.



Fork Positioners

Fork positioners allow lift truck operators to move the forks quickly and accurately to fit different pallet sizes without leaving their seats.







Multiple Load Handlers

Revolutionary designs that change the way you work. Cascade Multiple Load Handlers are engineered to deliver precisely what you need to move more loads faster while minimizing damage. Handle from one to six loads at a time with an attachment proven to be both versatile and durable.







Rotators add 360? revolving motion, in both directions, to truck forks. Used in food processing and manufacturing for inverting and dumping loads.







Allow you to ship, receive and warehouse unit loads on inexpensive slip sheets rather than pallets. Products typically handled with a push/pull include bagged products such as seed, agricultural products and cement; cased food, electronics, cosmetics and bottled beverages.


  • Plug and weigh.

Wireless forklift scale (not legal for trade). Replace your existing forklift forks with the completely wireless eForks. Install in 5 minutes with no special tools required. Features digital calibration with Bluetooth signal transfer. The scale, powered by rechargeable battery packs, charger included. Indicator powered by 4 AA batteries. 12-month warranty. ITA class 2 mounting. Fork length measure 45.3″ face of fork to end of fork tip. 4″ fork width 5,500 lbs. capacity per pair. FOB Shipping Point.





The Carriage Plate scale replaces the forklifts OEM carriage plate FEM fittings with power taken from the truck battery. Weight transmits wirelessly to the display. FOB Shipping Point.

Note: Products require installation services, which will incur an additional cost. Please contact us for service.




blue safety spotlightBLUE SAFETY SPOTLIGHT

  • LED DC12-80V, 18W.

Forklift warning lights that easily attach to forklifts. 800 Lumens of brightness with two LED Lights. Mounting hardware included. Mount from the rear side of the forklift. FOB Shipping Point.


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