Industrial Handrail Provides Safety & Security

WireCrafters System 22 Industrial HandRail installs to add safety and security almost anywhere on your facility’s floor. This square steel railing system sets up with standard hand tools; no welding, no cutting, no self tapping screws.

WireCrafters Industrial HandRail found in shipping areas to keep employees safe around dock height doors. Aisle ways formed with this heavy industrial steel handrail to separate fork trucks from employees walking through an active area of a production or warehouse floor.

For those railing systems used at a second level or on a mezzanine, a 4″ high kick plate can be added to the hand rail system to keep small items from falling off the enclosed area. Hinged HandRail doors are to control access to secure areas. When used on a mezzanine, these access doors enable you to load product at mezzanine levels from the ground floor. Single doors 3′-0″ wide or double hinged doors up to 8′-0″ wide are available.

System 22 Industrial Handrail’s Easy Installation

WireCrafters two rail industrial handrail system has a mid rail centered at 20″ and a top rail at 42″ high. All parts, both rails and upright posts, are ready to accept 3/8″ bolts and floor anchors. The handrail system is designed on 8′-0″ centers. Standard rail sections are 7′-6″, 3′-6″, and 1′-6″ long. Rail connectors welded to the handrail uprights so you can easily bolt the rail in place. These rail sections combine with 2″ square tubing uprights which are for run posts, corner posts, or end posts. With standard hand tools, your maintenance people can easily assemble WireCrafters System 22 Industrial HandRail. Standard hand rail assembly drawings are to show you how the rails, posts, and kick plates bolt together. To create a stand alone handrail unit, order two rails and two posts.

Key Handrail Features

  • Bolt up rail system.
  • Top rail set at 42″ from floor level.
  • Mid rail centered at 20″ from floor.
  • Rails and posts made of 14 gauge steel tube.
  • Combined rail and post layout on 8′, 4′, and 2′ centers.
  • Standard rails cut for custom lengths.
  • Optional 4″ kick plate available.
  • Rails bolt to posts with factory threaded inserts.
  • Posts welded to baseplate for floor anchoring.
  • Mount to floor or to face side of mezzanine.