Lift Table Skirts

Lift Table Saftey Skirt

CEC specializes in providing lift table skirts (bellow or accordion?skirts) for both standard and custom lift tables. We consistently supply skirting products that are both on time and under budget.?The scissor lift table skirts can be purchased for existing tables or new tables.

These skirts are designed per your supplied dimensions. Since each lift table on the market is generally different we provide each scissor lift skirt to suit. You simply provide general dimension as shown on the graphic to the left and we reply back with a detailed quote. If you need any assistance simply contact us and we will walk you through the process.

Lift Table Saftey SkirtSTITCHED?? Lift Table SkirtThe most common type of skirting and the most economical. Used by almost all major manufacturing plants and is the quickest to ship and install.

  • CONSTRUCTION?? Stitched Vinyl
  • MATERIAL?? 22oz Vinyl
  • FOLDS?? 1.5?, 2?, 3?, 4?
  • COLOR?? Yellow, Black, or Black and Yellow
  • STRUCTURE?? Optional stiffening wires
  • MOUNTING?? Flat Steel Bar ? Customer to bolt onto the lift


vinyl-lift-skirtingHEAT BONDED?? Lift Table SkirtUnlike the stitched bellows the heat bonded version has no stitching. Instead, the vinyl is thermally bonded to a rigid PVC skeleton. They use the same vinyl material but have a very clean crisp appearance. Great for washdown application and rigidity.

  • CONSTRUCTION?? Heat Sealed Vinyl
  • MATERIAL?? 18oz Vinyl
  • FOLDS?? 1?, 1.5?, 2?, 2.5?
  • COLOR?? Yellow or Black
  • MOUNTING?? Flat Steel Bar ? Customer to bolt onto the lift


wash-down-skirtingWASHDOWN & MEDICAL?? Lift Table SkirtThis bellows is an ideal cover for food processing plants, medical tables, dental chairs, imaging tables, and industrial washdown applications. Its clean appearance also makes it ideal for showroom lifts. In addition, it is ideal for side to side movement or uneven vertical movement.

  • CONSTRUCTION?? Wireframe with wrapped skin
  • MATERIAL?? Various Materials Per Application
  • FOLDS?? 1.5?
  • COLOR?? Black or White
  • STRUCTURE?? Wire Frame
  • MOUNTING?? Material Flang ? Customer to bolt onto the lift