Liquid Bulk Container-IBC

Liquid Bulk Container-IBC

CEC’s collapsible Solid & Liquid Bulk Container IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) is easy to set up and break down and reduces the number of return truckloads by as many as 9.2 as compared with the next most popular bottle and cage container. Our liquid IBC’s can be stacked 4 high saving warehousing needs and are also less expensive to repair.

Liquid Bulk Container-IBC are stackable containers mounted on a pallet designed to be moved using a forklift or a pallet jack. IBCs have a volume range that situates between drums and tanks, hence the term “intermediate”.

About Liquid Bulk Container-IBC

The most common Liquid Bulk Container-IBC is the one-time plastic composite IBC. A white/translucent plastic container (typically polyethylene) housed within a tubular galvanized iron cage. It attaches to a pallet. IBCs made from many materials depending upon the needs of the shipper and the legal requirements that must be met. In addition to the plastic composite IBC, intermediate bulk containers made of fiberboard. They could also be wood, heavy gauge plastic, aluminum, carbon steel, and galvanized iron. Heavy-gauge plastic IBCs made of reinforced plastic that requires no steel cage; they have a pallet molded into the bottom so the entire unit is a single piece.

Folding IBCs are heavy plastic. Their sides fold inward when the unit is empty. This allows the IBC to collapse into a much smaller package for return shipment or storage. Flexible intermediate bulk containers, are for storing or transporting dry, flowable products, such as sand, fertilizer, and plastic granules. Made of woven polyethylene or polypropylene bags. Almost all rigid IBCs are so they can stack vertically one atop the other using a forklift. Most have a built-in tap (valve, spigot, or faucet) at the base of the container to which hoses attach, or through which the contents can be poured into smaller containers.