Mechanical Straddle Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor for High Speed/High

Mechanical Straddle Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor for High Speed/High Through-Put Applications

The 2-post mechanical straddle conveyor with vertical lifts (VRCs) employs an industry-best heavy duty SEW Eurodrive gear motor drive. It comes with instantaneous braking capability that ensures consistent, repeatable stopping and holding of the suspended carriage during loading and unloading. Because the carriage straddles between the guide beams, carriage sizes can be larger. The mechanical straddle freight lift travels up to 100 feet. Doing so while holding capacities upto 6,000 pounds and carriage lengths up to 12 feet.
Mechanical Straddle VRCs are often used for material transfer between landings, multi-level buildings, and programmable/automated conveyor systems. Designed to improve the use of vertical building space, enhance stability and safety during load transfer, and increase manufacturing efficiency.

Freightlift mechanical straddle VRC’s standard maintenance-free high capacity rollers, load jam sensing system, and certified free-fall arrest carriage brakes make it the most reliable, durable, and safe VRC material lift available anywhere.

As with all Autoquip VRC lifts, we offer the customer the flexibility to select any number of standard options or to specify one or more custom engineered features to fit a specific application.

Autoquip’s engineered Freightlift VCRs to the highest standards of safety and reliability.


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