Motorized Material Handling Cart

A CEC Employee at Work

Manual material handling represents the largest source of workman’s compensation claims and costs in the US. Encourage safety through injury prevention with Amigo Mobility’s motorized material handling cart. This diverse product line is suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial and hospitality environments.

All Amigo material handling carts have the following benefits:

  • All products are designed and built in USA
  • Easy to use – no formal training or certification required
  • Backed by Amigo’s nationwide service network
  • Service parts ship within 24 hours


Dex Pro  | riding platform cart

The innovative design of the Dex Pro is an ideal fit for employees who spend most of the day on their feet. The towing platform can carry up to 750 lbs (340 kg), while the riding platform gives employees relief from walking while helping them reach their destination quickly. Dex Pro has helped customers increase efficiency by as much as 60% in a warehouse delivery environment!

  • 750 lb (340 kg) load capacity
  • 24-volt battery system provides extended run time to last all day
  • Battery gauge, hour meter and smart diagnostics on handle for quick troubleshooting
  • Platform deck dimensions: 40″ x 22″ (102 cm x 56 cm)
  • Safety strobe light, horn and reverse alert horn


Max Pro  | powered platform truck

The Max Pro? is a unique solution that offers a hefty weight capacity and a smaller footprint than comparable platform trucks. The motorized platform allows for quick transportation of materials while reducing strain and fatigue on the worker.

  • 1,100 lb (500 kg) load capacity
  • 24-volt battery system provides extended run time to last all day
  • Automatic braking system
  • Platform deck dimensions: 40″ x 22″ (102 cm x 56 cm)
  • Easy access to service components
  • Horn and reverse alert horn


Dex  | powered personnel mover

Dex is an affordable solution to help employees improve speed and productivity while saving steps to reduce risk of injury and fatigue. On average, Dex is half the cost of leading personal transportation devices!

  • 350 lb (159 kg) rider capacity
  • Adjustable speed up to 4 mph (6.4 kph)
  • Easy to maneuver with tight 40 degree turning radius
  • No formal training required to operate
  • Hitch option available with a tow capacity of 750 lb (340 kg)


Max | powered tugger cart

Max? is a small cart, made to pull big things. With an 1,100 lb towing capacity and versatile hitch system, Max can help you get things done.

  • 1,100 lb (500 kg) towing capacity
  • Versatile and customizable hitch system
  • 24-volt battery system provides extended run time to last all day
  • Emergency stop button
  • Safety strobe light, horn and reverse alert horn
  • Durable foam-filled tires


What does it take to be the industry leading tugger?


The new Pack Mule NXG creates a new class of tugger and tow vehicles, one unmatched by any other manufacturer. These features on the NXG, including A/C power, all come standard on Pack Mule tuggers and tow vehicles. Some are available on other manufacturers products at extra cost, and some aren’t available from them at any price. That’s what puts the Pack Mule NXG in a class by itself.

  • Up to twice the runtime  due to Pack Mule’s more efficient A/C power system, more powerful dual regenerative braking, industry-leading 245 A/H batteries, and 90 psi low-rolling-friction tires.
  • Three times the warranty the only 3-year warranty in the industry.
  • A virtually maintenance-free vehicle, with a sealed motor, sealed bearings, and a sealed transaxle.
  • Sturdier construction fully welded 14-gauge diamond plated construction and 6-ply, Load Range C tires.
  • Your vehicle your way the exact configuration you need and delivered more quickly, typically about 80% quicker.

For years, Pack Mule has set a higher standard. Now, with the new Pack Mule NXG, we’ve set a new standard.

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