Package Picker

This drivable power stocker is the industry leader for merchandise management and freight handling. A package picker with easy to use controls! It is drivable at any height. And with a load capacity of 650 lbs. The PS-12D is the ideal solution for all of your stock room needs including for order picking, stocking, inventory management, and overhead maintenance. Worried? Then improve safety and increase productivity within you warehouse, retail, industrial and commercial operations by replacing your ladders

This narrow aisle compatible vehicle has a maximum working height of 18′ with 360° turn about. It has dual speeds and optional safety sensors. This compact footprint makes it excellent for both stock rooms and retail floors. Need to be more efficient, then look no further.

Highly Productive – Competitively priced – One of the best values on the market.


Easy Access Intuitive Controls
Controls are conveniently located for optimized control and productivity.

Narrow Aisle Compatible
The PS-12D Package Picker offers a “Zero Turning Radius” allowing it to turn around within its own footprint.

Large Working Platforms provide plenty of work room. Equipped with a work bag for tools and documents.

Multiple Safety Interlocks along with many other safety features to protect the operator and goods.



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