Pallet Mule – Pallet Jack/Truck

Pallet Mule - Pallet Jack/Truck


It?s not a matter of what sizes we make, but what size you need.

Not everybody has a standard sized application that fits a standard sized pallet jack. That?s why we will make you a pallet jack to your size and specifications.?And we will do it?quickly so you will have it when you need it. You can count on it!

This includes:

  • standard pallet jacks
  • lowered height and lowered profile pallet jacks
  • 4-Way pallet jacks
  • skid jacks
  • single fork pallet jacks
  • roll and reel jacks, and
  • high capacity pallet jacks

To get a quick and easy quote on a special size pallet jack, contact us. ?You will be pleasantly surprised at the relatively low prices and quick delivery times offered for Pallet Mule?s custom size pallet trucks, far superior to that offered by competitors on their limited offerings of specialized, custom, odd sized and non-standard pallet trucks.

Every Pallet Mule?All American?Pallet Jack is built?heavier?and?more durable?than the?lower cost import pallet trucks to withstand the?demands of continuous daily use.

What makes Pallet Mule different.

Pallet Mule pallet trucks has a host of features not found in other manufacturers? products, including:

  • Extensive use of ductile cast iron parts,
  • Heavier gauge steel in major structural components
  • Solid steel push rods instead of the?standard tubular steel design
  • Premium?polyurethane wheels on an aluminum core
  • Sealed bearings providing reduced rolling resistance and longer life
  • Standard 2.9? lowered height to fit industry standard pallets
  • Replacement Parts are available for same day shipment when needed

Pallet Mule?s Size-to-Order pallet jack is the right choice for special applications, particularly in high usage, mission critical operations where you depend on equipment to do the job every day. We?ve been building them for more than half a century, and our customers know?Pallet Mule?for its durability, reliable performance and its?low?long term cost of ownership.