Partitions and Dividers

Industrial Partition (Dividers)

This Clearview Industrial  wall Partitions and Dividers keeps your team separated and protected in crowded areas or assembly lines. Mount it to the floor, wall, or ceiling using the attached mounting plates or used as a free-standing unit. Bolt Partitions and Dividers together to accommodate larger areas.

EMPLOYEE GERM Partition & SNEEZE GUARDS (replace the QP15464 item you have)

CUSTOM OR PRE-DESIGNED) ALUMINUM & POLYCARBONATE GUARDING Sneeze Guards and employee safety barriers are a crucial form of protection from the transmission of COVID 19 coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria.

These aluminum and poly-carbonate barriers & protective guarding are being used across the country in retail, commercial, and industrial environments.

For greater impact strength and abrasion resistance, these shields use poly-carbonate or acrylic sheets. We can help supply any pre-designed or custom guarding unit to your specifications


  • Keep your employees safe while maintaining the ability to continue working.
  • Lightweight Kwik Tube Framing
  • Many Colors of Tubing Available
  • Polycarbonate or Acrylic
  • Portable or Stationary Barriers
  • Custom or Pre-Designed


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