Lockers can be ordered fully-assembled or knock-down for assembly at destination.
Order 3-wide units for best value. Order 1-wide units to complete quantity needed for each continuous row. There are a variety of different colors, sizes and accessoreis available. We offer steel, stainless steel and palstic lockers to meet the rigourous environments of your location. While steel is the most common and cost effective type, plastic and stainless steel lockers offer superior rust and corrossion protection in moisture laden environments.
Lockers have amde accessories from lock types, benches, hooks, bards, etc. Aluminum number plates (#1-up) with mounting hardware are included. Number plate face is black with silver etched numerals. If a special numbering sequence is required, please specify when ordering. Number sequence must be consecutive numbers equal to the number of openings (doors) ordered. (Locks are not included.)