Protective Barriers

This Clearview Industrial Partition and Protective Barriers keeps your team separated and protected in crowded areas or assembly lines. It can be mounted to the floor, wall, or ceiling using the attached mounting plates or used as a free-standing unit. Multiple partitions can be bolted together to accommodate larger areas



Modular Isolation Rooms

With the aid of in-house Engineering group, flexible design options are available to meet the most stringent Controlled Environment requirements. Rapid and clean installation make the product a true benefit when tasked with expedited and critical customer timelines and requirements. Our airborne isolation rooms can be installed cleanly & quickly (4-5 hours for the walls a 12?12 unit) and standard models can ship within 2 weeks. Detailed instructions included with each order to make construction fast and worry-free. Installation services are also available anywhere in the U.S.

Our Isolation Rooms Include

  • Panel finishes include easy to sanitize fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)
  • Modular electrical system includes snap-together connections for outlets, switches, and lights
  • Extruded aluminum framing creates a tight seal around wall panel surfaces
  • Multi-room & other custom layouts available to fit your needs
  • Non-permanent construction considered capital equipment, which allows for accelerated depreciation
  • Optional HEPA filtered supply and exhaust components and filtered air return chases
    Also available with a negative pressure system

Crowd Control

Post-N-Panel Systems for Rigid Queue Barriers – Heavy Duty Panel

Create a safe and secure barrier with our Heavy Duty Post-N-Panel System. The system provides a solid structural barricade that can be portable or more permanent depending on the chosen post base. The security panels seamlessly integrate with existing Single Line or Dual-Line Retracta-Belt posts. This allows you to purchase them as an add-on or a complete system. Designed uniquely to accept a variety of insert materials, the heavy-gauge aluminum frame includes acrylic, sintra, and even glass. Standard sizes and options ship the fastest. Our unlimited amount of options will suit any requirements.

Post-N-Panel Features

  • Heavy gauge aluminum frame: Premium construction to withstand the toughest wear and tear.
  • Integrates with existing Single Line or Dual Line Retracta-Belt posts. Mount on posts with portable bases, or for a more permanent option choose from our Mini Socket, Magnetic, Fixed or Removable post bases.
  • Support bungees available: recommended for single line posts to secure the bottom of the panel to the post for added rigidity.
  • Available in five standard sizes: Including a ‘Privacy Panel’ to create a designation or a booth for security areas. Ask about custom sizes.
  • Printed messages, logos or advertisements: Available on standard sintra, acrylic, or glass; or on paper displayed between two clear acrylic inserts.
  • Ask about custom frame finishes: Different metal finishes or hundreds of powder coated colors.
  • Additional insert materials and thicknesses available: Including misc. metals and additional sintra colors.
  • Standard tamper-proof design: Protects your insert material.
  • Insert material is replaceable: Change logos, advertisements, directional messages, colors or anything else you want to display.
  • Extra heavy base weight, wheels or suction cups available with portable bases.


Industrial Partition (Dividers)

This Clearview Industrial Partition wall keeps your team separated and protected in crowded areas or assembly lines. Mount it to the floor, wall, or ceiling using the attached mounting plates or used as a free-standing unit. Bolt multiple partitions together to accommodate larger areas.


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