Protective Caps and Plugs

Protective Caps and Plugs

Protective Caps and Plugs

Does your company produce products that specifically require plastic caps or plugs? ?Our Protective Caps and Plugs are excellent for protecting threads and keeping unwanted contamination out of pipes, valves, tubing and most other cylindrical openings. The most economical solution for protecting standard size threads, unified threads, N.P.T. and metric size fittings or ports. Available in numerous sizes, shapes and colors, these applicators are ideal for closing off open ends of tubing gauges and covering holes in sheet metal, coming in handy for numerous paint masking jobs. Whether your upcoming project requires Tapered Plugs and Round Tubing Plugs or Cone Plugs and Pull Plugs, we have the plastic cap products to expedite the process and help produce the best products possible.

Plastic Plugs

These durable plastic plugs are easy to remove without tools, just pull the tab to release the plug. These types of plastic plugs are designed to mask parts during the finishing processes, such as painting. They will also protect parts from dust and moisture.

Tapered Plugs

Tapered plugs have a convenient design which allows them to function as both a plug on one end of the part and a cap on the other end. These tapered plugs can be used on parts as thread protection during finishing processes, and to keep debris out.

Round Tubing Plugs

Made from low-density polyethylene, round tubing plugs create a crisp, finished look at the end of any tubing. Round tubing plugs are excellent for uses around the home, including capping off patio furniture or other exposed tubing.

Rectangle Tubing Plugs

Similar to the round tubing plugs, rectangle tubing plugs function the same way and provide the same uses. The rectangle tubing plugs are grooved, allowing it to grip tightly to the inside of the tube. These are often used in the commercial furniture industry and are durable enough to stand up to rubbing against rough surfaces and other abuse.

Square Tubing Plugs

Square tubing plugs are able to accommodate a wide range of tubing gauges because of the special “ribs” that provide a secure grip on the inside of the tube. Square tubing plugs to cap off the end of metal tubing to prevent moisture accumulation and create a finished, clean look.

Domed Tubing Plugs

The domed tubing plugs provide the same functions as rectangle tubing plugs; however, the dome shape of these plugs create a more unique, domed look at the end of the tubing. These domed tubing plugs are also equipped with the unique “ribs” to provide extra grip.

Tapered Stoppers

These lasting, reusable tapered stoppers can withstand temperatures of more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit. They are safe to use in both threaded and non-threaded holes. Designed to use when powder coating, the tapered stoppers will resist many chemicals.

Hollow Tapered Stoppers

Hollow tapered stoppers provide the same benefits as the tapered stoppers. Color coding can be special ordered for these hollow tapered stoppers, and they also come in many different sizes to meet your specific needs.

Pull Plugs

When working with parts that need to be sealed on both ends, pull plugs will provide just that. When pulled, the pull plugs will stretch to fit into the hole and then expand into place to create a tight seal. Make sure the diameter of the pull plugs you use is slightly larger than the diameter of the hole.

Washer Plugs

Washer plugs will mask the hole of the part, while also covering an area around the hole. These washer plugs are double-ended, allowing for easy removal by using the opposite end as a tab. These washer plugs can also resist temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flangeless Mask

A ribbed flangeless mask is specially designed to protect and mask threaded holes, but will not mask the surrounding area of the hole. The flangeless mask is hollow, allowing it to easily fit in holes with different diameters.

Cone Plugs

Cone plugs will mask threaded and non-threaded holes but also double to mask studs. The edge of the cone plug will mask the surrounding area of the hole for grounding purposes. They are great to use when powder coating.

Flush Style Plugs

For an appealing and finished look, use flush style plugs. They work well when covering access holes in sheet metal, such as automobile bodies. Plus, flush style plugs easily snap in place and stay secured.

Recessed Style Plugs

Recessed style plugs are similar to flush style plugs; however, the middle of the plug is recessed, providing a different finished look. Although the recessed style plugs are used on mostly the same applications as flush style plugs, they create a hollow finish.

Dome Plugs

Dome plugs are made with a matte-finish head. These dome plugs will lock into metal up to 1/8″ thick, and can be easily instillation and tapered to a very thin edge. They are best for closing unnecessary holes in products such as chassis.

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