Rotational Mold Plastic Pallet

rotational mold plastic pallet

There are many applications which can utilize a Rotational Mold Plastic Pallet. Utilization of these types of pallets will maximize sanitary food handling practices at your plant. All with the industry’s most hygienic plastic pallet design. Some of these pallets even have features built-in for an added layer of protection. Protecting against bacteria harboring and abuse inside plants and operations associated with the FDA. Most pallets come equipped with an impact resistant double wall HDPE construction that delivers the industry’s highest useful-life-to-cost ratio, so you can be assured optimum sanitary service for years to come. Easy to clean, lightweight for operators and highly durable.

Rotational Mold Plastic Pallet ADVANTAGES

  • Extremely versatile in shape, size, and features
  • Low tooling costs
  • Very strong, impact and UV resistant products
  • Variety of colors and options
  • Economical for a broad range of products: large and small, high or low volumes