Electric Reach Stacker

The RT33ST 3,300lb capacity, Electric stand-on Reach Stacker has a reach-forward mast, allowing it to store goods without moving the truck itself. Its robust construction, maneuverability, and high-reach capabilities make it the ideal choice for your most demanding applications where large-scale, high-lift height material handling is required.

This ergonomic Electric stand-on Reach Stacker is equipped with high-quality components and safety features. High efficiency, Heavy duty!


Electronic Controls
Electronic controls are intuitive and easy to operate. Thermally enclosed, they are water and dust proof, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance.

Buffer System

Buffering system provides safe and comfortable operation for fork lowering and mast forward / backward movement.
Regenerative Braking
When braking, the motor automatically powers off to reduce power consumption and extend battery work time. Regenerative braking also minimizes brake wear and maintenance costs.
Advanced Components
Integrated AC system, KDS motor, ZAPI power steering and control systems with high-precision gearbox provides flexible steering and high-quality driving performance.
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic system utilizes high quality components coupled with smart engineering to ensure the whole system runs cool and efficiently.
Mast System
The highly-durable C-shaped mast has reach forward function which allows the truck to store goods without moving the truck itself. This provides convenient and safe operation.
Emergency Button?
The conveniently located emergency button provides an instant cut-off of all power for optimal safety.
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