Shipping & Receiving Air Curtains

Shipping & Receiving Air Curtains

Shipping & Receiving Air Curtains

Air curtains are where most require doors to stay open for operational purposes. Such as at loading docks and vehicle entrances. They are to help keep flying insects out by creating forceful turbulence. Also, they help keep out outside air, thus reducing infiltration through the opening. By mixing in warm air heated by the air door, avoid cold drafts. Heated air doors are commonly used when supplemental heat is needed for space, and to reduce the wind chill factor inside the opening, in colder climates.

Further applications include customer entryways, airplane hangars, cargo doors, drive-through windows, restaurant doors, or shipping receiving doors. Non-heated air curtains used in conjunction with cold storage and refrigerated rooms.

Manufacturing and Warehousing

Manufacturing and warehousing spaces built for work, and so are Berner industrial air curtains (air doors). Plant operations professionals and engineers recognize them as a smart way to maintain a comfortable environment. This is true from the office entrance to the shipping and receiving doors. All while reducing energy costs by keeping unconditioned air, fumes and insects from entering buildings through open doorways,

Berner air curtains for loading dock doors, bay doors and other large openings are used to maintain a more comfortable and more energy efficient loading area.

Berner’s Shipping & Receiving Air Curtains are a sustainable solution that lowers energy costs by eliminating untempered outside air from entering through open doors. A sanitary solution that deters flying insects from entering through open doors. A safer solution than plastic vinyl strip curtains by using an invisible air barrier to protect the opening.

Perks to Air Curtains

  • Save Energy
  • Improve Comfort
  • Increase Safety
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • All Berner Air Curtains ship factory assembled for quicker installation. The factory wires and tests for quality prior to shipment.
  • UL listed for interior or exterior mounting.
  • Freight included to the first destination continental U.S.A.