SoftWall Curtain Partitions

SoftWall Curtain Partitions

SoftWall Curtain Partitions

Whether it is a production floor, food processing lab, or warehouse/distribution center, there is always a need to enclose or segregate a process or area ? or add one without compromising work-flow. Soper?s SoftWall? Curtain Partitions are the smart alternative to traditional rigid wall construction (such as drywall, metal cladding, or concrete) in an economy where being flexible is the key to success.


  • Dividing an entire facility
  • Enclosing temperature-sensitive environments
  • Separating shipping/receiving from manufacturing
  • Sectioning off different product categories or work processes
  • Establishing ISO quarantine areas
  • Creating clean environments


  • Reduce dust, fumes, and noise to create a healthier, safer, more productive work environment
  • Prevent cross-contamination amongst different product categories and reduce inventory spoilage
  • Control temperature and humidity; reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Economical; typically available for a fraction of the cost of traditional rigid walls


  • Custom-designed to meet your specific application
  • Tie into existing walls and upper structure
  • Manufactured of durable Vinyl Coated Polyester (VCP) or Vinyl Laminated Polyester (VLP)
  • Include Clearflex strip curtain doors or retractable curtains for easy access, as well as clear PVC windows
  • Flame, chemical, and mildew resistant
  • Meets ASTM E84 specification