Stackers - Pallet Unilift



Our stackers are manually propelled lift truck that moves, raises and positions wire baskets, tote boxes, crates, skids and pallets to comfortable ergonomic work heights. Loads are mast-supported. Self-propelled stackers often referred to as ?Walkies? are also available as they are needed for powered services. ?Walkies? can be outfitted with platforms, adjustable forks or fixed forks and hold capacities from 250 to 3,000 pounds. Attachments and accessories include devices for handling barrels, coils or roll. Multiple ranges are available for reach, straddle and overall capacity.



Our industry-leading ?Walkies? includes adjustable base legs to accommodate various pallet sizes and aisle widths. The versatility of this walk behind forklift makes it a strong complement to nearly any indoor application. Extremely durable and budget-friendly, our Walkies can help increase both your uptime and your bottom line.