Straight Wall Containers

Straight Wall Containers

Straight Wall Containers deliver total cost savings and efficiency throughout the supplier-to-manufacturer material handling process. Stack-only modular containers perfect for closed-loop shipping, in-process handling and storage applications where you use the same containers throughout.

Totes or handheld containers: Transported or handled by hand, often with molded-in handles.

Totes are offered in three styles: nestable, stackable and stack and nest. Nestable totes feature sloped sidewalls created from a base footprint smaller than the top opening. This permits the units to nest inside each other when empty. Stackable totes have an identical footprint top and bottom and feature an integrated lip that prevents shifting when stacked. Stack and nest totes stack and nest in 90- and 180-degree combinations.

Lids for Straight Wall Containers

Optional Lids may attach to the top of the tote, hinged on either long side and meeting in the middle when closed or they may separate from the totes altogether. Dimensions vary widely based on both industry and application. Typical maximum capacities range from 40 pounds for totes handled.

Bin: A box used for storage and organization of small parts prior to use in manufacturing and assembly, frequently with a hopper (or open) front. Bins are generally stackable and may feature an integrated tab in the back that permits them to be hung from a louvered storage unit. Constructed of solid or corrugated plastic. Often found in work cells, bins rarely leave one area. Lids incorporate clean environments. Dimensions range from 3 x 3 inches to 24 x12 inches.