Textile Dunnage

bag set for a tote

Textile Dunnage

We custom design and manufacture our soft fabric textile dunnage systems for integration into bags, totes, bulk containers and racks. Our vinyl fabric bag and pouch dunnage systems are perfect for material handling challenges involving Class A surface protection requirements. They are strong, durable and collapsible, increasing protection and reliability while at the same time-saving space when not in use. Each bag and pouch can be designed to fit into your current containers or offered as part of a full packaging system.

Bag Pouch Set in Rack

Rack with Bag Dunnage

This bag fits into a steel rack for side load entry of parts. This flexible divider holds trims parts with curves as the bag cells will conform to the curvature of each part. Custom Equipment makes these as one set or produces them as smaller sets which attach together with velcro.





curtain cover for a container

Curtain Cover for a Container

Custom Equipment custom designs the product to fit a bulk container and serves as a dust cover for protection of parts in dunnage below. We use V-Clear woven material for all of our curtains and integrate velcro for closure and strap handles for handling.





Fabric Divider for a Tote

fabric divider for a tote

This flexible divider in custom designed for a molded handheld tote to package curved trim parts. The soft fabric works well with the protection of class A surfaces. This fabric divider attaches to the tote with velcro.






Bag Divider for a Bulk Container

bag divider for a bulk containerThe bag divider that is designed to fit this container is flexible to fit multiple parts and keep them separated to eliminate damage during shipping. Attach these bag sets to the bulk container by either using velcro, rivets sets or heavy-duty screws.






?Bag Partition in a Small Tote

bag set for a toteThis partition is another example of the flexible panels that can fit and nest together many types of product and protect class A surfaces to get the most density out of your small tote.