Thermoformed Plastic Pallets

Thermoformed Plastic Pallets

Thermoformed plastic pallets are our specialty – we have run hundreds of thousands of these over the years. We have many standard molds that allow us to be able to offer these products without design, engineering and/or tooling. These can come in different sizes, material thicknesses and mold designs which ultimately depend on your application and requirement. We also offer top caps or mirror images in applications where a top cap or WIP pallet is for loading/unloading products.

Over the last few decades, companies have been switching from wood pallets to plastic pallets. The reasons for this switch include cost, function, and environmental reasons. Although the initial cost of a plastic pallet may be higher than that of a wood pallet, recyclable plastic pallets last much longer. This allows companies to purchase fewer pallets over time and ultimately saves them money. Plastic pallets can also be designed for almost any function.

With thermoforming technology, pallets can be created in almost any size that a company requires and they can also be designed to be nestable and stackable. Since plastic pallets are typically designed to be nestable, empty pallets take up less room on the shop floor than wood pallets. Plastic pallets are also an environmentally friendly option. We make most pallets with at least some, if not 100%, recycled material. That keeps them recyclable as well.

Some use Plastic pallets for single use and then recycle them. They are also for returnable packing. Returnable packing allows a company to purchase the pallet once and reused them for years. Since the pallets are nestable, the pallets take up less space on the return trip, often equating to less freight costs. This means that plastic pallets will directly reduce shipping costs for most companies. Therefore, plastic pallets overall a better value than wood pallets because plastic pallets are a more durable, cost-efficient, and environmental sound than wood pallets.

Returnable Pallets

Plastic Returnable Pallets are more durable than wood pallets and are the best option for returnable packaging. Designed to be nestable which will reduce return shipping costs. Our plastic pallets  thermoformed with numerous customizations options to serve a wide variety of needs. For the food industry, we have FDA approved plastic pallets that help avoid infestation or contamination and don’t require other special packaging. Through thermoforming, we can produce a pallet that meets your returnable packing needs. This includes plastic pallets that can withstand loads anywhere from 50 to 5,000 pounds depending on your specifications and budget.


Nestable Pallets

These plastic pallets offer a much better return ratio than wood pallets. When finished with the plastic pallets, they neatly stack for more space, reducing our customers? overall shipping costs. A nestable pallet has hollow feet that ?nest? into the hollows of the pallet below it. This allows many pallets to be easily and safely stacked on top of each other. Nestable pallets typically ship in amounts of 30-75 pallets, roughly an 8-foot stack. These stacks move easily (or even pushed) with a forklift.

Stackable Pallets

We have the capability to thermoform 2 sheets of heavy gauge plastic together to build pallets that can handle massive amounts of weight. Our pallets are so strong that the bottom pallet in a stack can support the entire 8-foot stack.