Toilet Partitions

General Partitions manufactures a full line of toilet partitions. We not only offer one of the finest quality toilet partitions in the industry, but we stand behind it with over 50 years of manufacturing experience allowing us to manufacture and ship on time.



General’s exclusive use of stainless steel polished to a satin finish offers the ultimate in toilet partitions. Protected in the manufacturing process and in shipping by a PVC film but removed at the time of installation. Scratches removed, and the original beauty restored by buffing. Available with a deep textured surface or powder coated.

General’s metal panel skins are bonded under pressure to each cell of the sound deadening Ribcore with an adhesive that is impervious to moisture. General utilizes a tight cell size to ensure greater bond and rigidity to the units.

All General Partitions exposed corners are reinforced with mechanically fused corner reinforcements. The reinforced corner doubles the strength of the corner while allowing simple field repairs if and when required. The corners also eliminate welding and grinding of the corners which removes some of the metal edges.


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