Universal Bulk Container Lids

Bulk container lids

We offer both custom thermoform and structural foam universal Bulk Container Lids for most all containers in the marketplace today. Our custom thermformed lids for the 32×30 & 48×45 collapsible containers are Universal and are virtually non-destructible in comparison to standard structural foam lids. For ergonomic purposes they are much lighter than the structural foam lids as well. If you have a custom requirement we can also design a lid to meet your requirements as well.

Others may provide options on Universal Bulk Container Lids. But we deliver only the best made for whatever your need may be. For our specialty Bulk Container Lids ( 48×45 or 32×30 ) reach out via email to Brian@CECMHS.com

Our Bulk Container Lids

  • Fit containers across the board
  • Can be customized for your needs
  • Come with Satisfaction Guarantee on the part of Custom Equipment Co.
  • Durable and allow for stacking*
  • Lightweight for better ergonomics

And if you haven’t switched to plastic pallets and containers, it can not be stressed enough. This will save you money, time and greatly impact your bottom line. Switch to plastics today!

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